Shiitake Fruiting Block




Perfect for the kitchen or the classroom!

Shiitake are easy to grow with this ready to fruit block.


Here are the directions:  Submerge the block in water until it weighs 6.5-7 pounds.  Place it where air can flow around it (a wire rack works well).  Place it in indirect light or fluorescent “day” light, at a temperature of 55-68F, and humidity about 80-85% ( if the humidity is lower, spritz with water twice a day until mushrooms form). Harvest the mushrooms before the caps flatten by twisting the stem from the block.  A few days after harvesting, you can soak the block again.  And perhaps a third time after the second harvest.  With each harvest you will notice normal contamination of the block surface with green mold.  Cut these areas away and add a cap of bleach to your soak water to control this.  Once the block has been harvested indoors, place it in the garden covered with wood chips or mulch. Keep an eye out for feral mushrooms.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 8 in