Medicinal Mushrooms: A Clinical Guide




by Martin Powell

This work is a highly accessible primer on the pharmacology, applications, and Chinese medical uses of over 20 commonly prescribed mycological medicinals. As such it admirably meets the needs of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioners as well as a more general complementary medicine readership. The author makes full use of his versatile background in both Chinese medicine and biochemistry. Concise textual presentation, helpful overviews, and a good balance of research evidence with practical clinical applications are features that make this useful as well as absorbing reading.

  • Which is the best mushroom for the patient?
  • What is the best form to give it in?
  • What is the appropriate dose?

Includes sections on:

  • Understanding Mushroom Products
  • Medicinal Mushrooms in Cancer Therapy
  • Medicinal Mushrooms for Other Conditions
  • Medicinal Mushrooms in Chinese Medicine

Martin Powell is a biochemist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who works with medicinal mushrooms and mycotherapy.