Garden Giant Mushrooms


Garden Giant Mushrooms
Stropharia rugoso-annulata

The Garden Giant mushroom has several common names including burgundy mushroom, wine cap stropharia, king stropharia, saketsubatake (Japanese), and also godzilla mushroom (for its great size).

King Stropharia is often grown alongside corn as a garden companion.

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Stropharia rugoso-annulata - giant garden mushroom

Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Garden Giants are an easy to grow and locally collected mushroom. They have a typical mushroom earthy flavor, firm buttons, and edible stems. Also called King Stropharia, they can grow very large, but are most tasty picked during the smaller button stage.

Growing King Stropharia

This native strain grows well in wood chips or straw beds.  Garden Giant is an excellent garden ally as it attracts earthworms, captures phosphorus in the soil, and eats coliform bacteria.

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