Permaculture of Fungi Mushrooms, Molds & Mycorrhizae

Spring 2015

Mushrooms, Molds and Mycorrhizae:  a Permaculture of the Fungi

Mark Jones of Sharondale Farm  & Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain

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A three day comprehensive introduction

to incorporating Kingdom Fungi in ecological design.

 We hope to inspire and empower participants to develop regional mycelial mosaics and cultural strategies for expanding the human-fungal symbiosis.

Topics for the weekend include:

Biology and ecology of fungi

Inter-kingdom interactions and symbioses

Low-tech mushroom cultivation methods including spawn making and substrate preparation

Mushrooms and fungi in perennial gardens and small farm designs

Collecting and preserving wild mushroom strains

Mushrooms as functional food

Mushroom medicine



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  We will provide all meals from dinner Friday through lunch Sunday.  Food will be high-quality and home cooked and will include mushrooms and other local ingredients. A vegetarian option will be available.  Camping with limited facilities is available at the farm and is included in the cost for the class.

Location:  Sharondale Farm in Cismont, Virginia

Dates:  tba spring 2015

Instructors:  Mark Jones, Tradd Cotter, David Via, Angel Shockley

Cost:  The cost for this workshop is based on a sliding scale of $400-525.  The sliding scale fee means you get to choose how much you will pay for the workshop, within this range, based on your ability and willingness to pay.  Please note that we have structured the finances so that any course fees that an individual pays over the $475. minimum will automatically go to our scholarship fund to assist participants unable to meet the minimum fee.  Limited scholarship and work trade positions are available.  Please inquire by email.

Contact:  Mark Jones,, p:  434-296-3301

LateSummer2011 (371)Mark Jones is the Foothill Fungus Farmer

TraddTradd Cotter is Mushroom Mountain Man

Herb AngelAngel Shockley is the Herb Angel

David Via- 092012David Via is the Mushroom Gourmand and Raconteur